StarDome is the Private Residence of me and my beautiful wife, Alli.

 Luxury Eco-Lodge Peru

With panoramic views overlooking the Sacred Valley of Peru 10000’ (3000m) up on a Sacred Mountaintop never before visited by non-natives, StarDome is a custom designed 5 bedroom Geodesic Dome.

It is the result of a special and unique collaboration between Me and Carlos Gibaja that began in December, 2012...

Carlos was 34 when we met. He looked like a Peruvian Tom Cruise and still does. He is the leader of his people, a tightly knit community of native Peruvians that live in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Their native language is Quechuan and their ancestors pre-date the Incas. Many of his people dress and speak as their ancestors have for more than a millennium.

Our meeting was the result of my participation on a volunteer trip to supply and deliver basic medical supplies to the local communities in the High Andes within a 10 hour radius of the Sacred Valley. Carlos was our guide into the small villages we visited.

During the course of the month that I travelled through the mountains with Carlos, we spent a lot of time together. At the end of busy days, as we came to know each other better, and in response to my curiosity (of which I am notorious), he began to share the traditions and wisdom of his ancestors. I learned and experienced some of their healing rituals and was introduced to the Quechuan Connection to the energy of the Mountain Spirits, the Apus and the spiritual messages delivered to them from the Universe by the Condors that fly between Heaven and Earth to do so.

As the month progressed, I began to feel the energy and receive the messages myself. I felt a deepening and healing connection within myself. My Heart began to heal and open in a way that I had not experienced since I was a teenager. I began a physical and emotional healing that continues to this day. It probes deep within me and the deeper it goes, the more I am able to share it with others. It has led to amazing changes that have improved me physically and metaphysically. I have renewed health and profound purpose. And I am certain none of this would have happened but for my exposure to the Energy of the Apus and the messages of the Condors...

Since that first trip to Peru with Carlos, I have returned to the Sacred Valley a few times to visit my friend and the people of his beautiful community. Carlos and I have come to believe that we are on a joint mission to introduce people to the wondrous energies and wisdom of the Apus. To that end, and with the agreement of the Apus, Carlos and I, with the help of many of the men and women of his community, have built the StarDome on top of his sacred mountain known as Antaluca. It will be my home in Peru where Carlos and I will introduce a few select guests each month to a special and unique place that no non-Quechuan has set foot on in more than 1000 years. Where the local food and traditions will be celebrated and where one will experience the same healing energies that changed my life forever...

Our Mission

Guided by our Hearts, we serve the local community by protecting and benefiting the land and people of the Sacred Valley of Peru while providing select visitors with a truly holistic experience and a unique healing opportunity to spiritually and culturally connect with both.

When StarDome is not occupied by family and friends, Alli and I enjoy introducing groups of 8-10 select visitors to the healing energies of the Andes and the Quechuan native culture. Qualified Groups are invited once a month upon Application. Our Groups are invited for a 3 night/4day Experience beginning with a 5 Star Hotel overnight in Cusco and ending with a privately guided tour of Machu Picchu, which is located on the Mountain next door to StarDome.

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